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Homesteading in West Texas

2024 is the second year that the Heritage Homestead Conference is being held in the flat lands of West Texas, bringing together like-minded homesteaders to share our skills and inspire those who would like to gain knowledge and learn more.

Lectures and demonstrations from those who live and thrive in our unique surroundings. Those new to homesteading and those more seasoned will all benefit from the extensive selection of topics.

If you feel the need to connect with your kind of people to create a productive homestead and bypass years of mistakes, this event is for you!

Heritage Homestead Conference

Heritage Homestead Conference came to be with the vision to share each others homesteading knowledge, progress, trials, and successes.

We are a group of like minded folks who love to homestead where we live and grow to the best of our abilities.

Our growing conditions are extremely unique and it is possible to homestead with great results.



Growing large tomatoes in West Texas

Timing is key to growing large tomatoes in our region. Growing tomatoes seem to be one of the ultimate challenges for gardeners here. 

Preparation of soil, seeding, planting and harvesting procedures are taught by expert homesteaders from the area.

Beef Butchering

Learning to butcher your own beef from culling to packaging it for the freezer. Being prepared to use basic tools that are readily available and knowing what to have prepped for the day of the butchering is key.

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Raising Healthy Poultry

As homesteaders, it can be challenging to keep our animals healthy and secure. To ensure their safety from predators, it's essential to provide a secure environment with appropriate fencing, chicken tractors, and coops. Additionally, providing nutritious food for our crew of laying hens, chicks, and roosters is crucial for their overall health.


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Scott & Brandi Brooks

Field of Dreams

O'Donnell Tx

Benefits of raw milk and having a family cow
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